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Press Release – January 2013

Turn your frown upside down as January Blues go Orange!

With the ever increasing popularity of mobile devices, the art of face-to-face conversation is becoming a distant memory. Is this not adding to the traditional January blues with a lot of negativity and gloom already everywhere? Wupwoo is a brand new, fun free game. It is sure to give players a laugh and smile. As such, Wupwoo is a very uplifting change for the better! While using a smart phone app, but with face to face communication to win great prizes.

This is the totally new innovative solution that a Doncaster owned organisation have created. With so many businesses struggling under the weight of the recession, MD Stephen said “I looked at the seemingly recession proof, growth areas of, gaming, drinking, dating, mobile devices and apps; with the problem of struggling pubs and clubs; mix in the public’s current appetite for digital technology and that’s how Wupwoo was born.”

People in general always feel good when talking and socialising. So, why then is it becoming a passing trend? Would you not like the perfect excuse to break down barriers, to talk, meet new people, have a laugh and win great prizes on a night out? At the same time, this is also helping to market local businesses, and bring custom into the fantastic pubs and clubs of Doncaster – the very places that used to be the heart of our social community.

Due to the perceived increase in opportunities of larger cities, the majority of businesses choose to start elsewhere. Would it not then be great to put Doncaster on the map for something great? Other than Donny Rovers, of course.

To quote Rickey Cooper “Wupwoo is ingenious”. It has the ability of using cutting edge digital technology to promote any businesses in a extremely cost effective way.

Doncaster’s very own real-life social network – a totally new concept for 2013.

The wupwoo app can be installed from app stores for: Apple, Android, Blackberry and Windows phone devices for free.

Free sign up at is also required.

We have a promotional video¬†“What’s Wupwoo” on Youtube filmed and produced using local talent and filmed in Epworth, Doncaster.

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